Sale of electricity with an analysis of sales price for 2018

19. February 2018.

HE “Višegrad” je u januaru 2018.godine proizvela 96.004.000 kWh električne energije ili 1,05 % iznad plana ( 95.000.000 kWh). Ostvaren ukupan prihod od prodaje iznosi 3.292.713 KM od čega po osnovu energije 3.101.690 KM i po osnovu pruženih pomoćnih usluga 191.023 KM.

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Sale of electricity with an analysis of sales price for 2017

11. January 2018.

HPP Visegrad generated 49.386.000 kWh of electricity in November 2017 and generated sales revenue of 964.386 BAM.

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HE “Višegrad” je u mjesecu decembru proizvela 145.800.000 kWh električne energije, odnosno u 2017.godini 726.630.000 kWh. Ostvareni ukupan prihod od prodaje za 2017.godinu iznosi 13.937.296 KM, od čega direktno od energije 12.229.247 KM i od pruženih pomoćnih usluga 1.708.049 KM.

XVIII extraordinary session of the Assembly of shareholders was being held on 30th June 2017

11. July 2017.

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Business plan for 2017-2019. period

14. June 2017.

Business plan for 2017-2019. period: download

Business plan for 2017

14. June 2017.

Business plan for 2017: download


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    Ivo Andrić, Nobel prize winner
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    Ivo Andrić, Nobel prize winner
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